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unfairness at work.

I just found out yesterday an hour before leaving work that this guy that just transferred to our department didn't get any money taken away from him like I did when I dropped a level. I'm somewhat pissed off.
Okay, I drank too much coffee and now I've got the shakes.


I woke up this morning feeling drained and tired while Davy is bouncing off the walls on his second cup of coffee. We will be going to the flea market soon.

ElJay app

How incredibly fascinating to have a live journal app. This'll make things so much more easier to complain about my life.
This year has started out pretty rough.
I'm a Real Easy Going Guy, a Kid at Heart with Full Passion for what I Believe in. I like to Laugh, Love, and Think; I Love with the Energy of a Super-Nova and Think Large like Solar Hydrogen Balls. When I put my Mind to something, I can Move matter.
With all these earthquakes happing all around, I can’t stop wondering how long will it be before earthquakes happen here of that magnitude.

This Bitch and not the good type.

This chick at work better stop pissing me off. I realize she thanks she is better than me by trying to up her nose at me. I get it. You female charms don’t work on me missy. I see your true face beneath your pond of makeup. You hag bitch….

Okay, now that I got that out of my system.
Thank the God’s I’m off today. I certainly didn’t want to deal with getting out in all this rain. Today’s plan is to work on the drag composition. Mixing music can be enjoyable except nailing the timing quid pro quos then writing it on paper so we can distinguish how much time we got to execute the next drag number can take some time.

Just a random thought....

I like to vibe into the fact that our entire manifested universe, matter and energy itself, are but reflections of one singular light or our sun. That all visibility in the universe, everything we can measure, is a reflection into what we think is space and what we think is time. Such a small minded outlook because this doesn’t include other dimensions not observed.


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